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Stickerpoint sticker applications and maintainance....

Stickerpoint Application Instructions for pre-spaced graphics
commonly known as Die-cut graphics
The Tools you will need:

Sticker Juice
Plastic Razor
1.Surface Preperation:

All Surfacess should be considered dirty and must be cleaned prior to the application
of designs.

Plastics-Glass-Metals & Painted Metals
Clean surface with a cleaner such as Windex or similar.

Wipe the surface dry with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.
Freshly painted surfaces must be dried one week prior to application.

II. Temperature Requirements
Air and application surface temperatures should be 50°F .

A. Use 1" to 2" strips of masking tape to
position graphic in proper area.

B. Apply horizontal & vertical masking tape
to allow for repostioning the graphic.

C.Lift/Transfer Method

Lay design on clean flat surface. A small bend at a corner or edge will

cause the liner to seperate from the design.
Remove liner entirely, so that adhesive side is exposed.
Pull the liner in a continuouse motion at 180° angle.
NOTE: Always remove the liner from the marking rather than the marking from the liner.
To avoid air bubbles & wrinkles spray adhesive side with Stickerjuice, before applying to surface.

Apply graphic to surface, using Stickerpoint Squeegee, use firm intitial pressure,
begin at the center and work outward to each edge of application tape.

D. Removing application tape slowly at 180°,
if Graphic lifts with application tape, re-squeegee and wait for Stickerjuice to dry a bit longer.

Sticker Tools\
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